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The Big USA Eclipse 2017! The End of Government as we know it! Amazing world Predictions from Psychic Astrologer Candace and Astrolada For a reading with Candace:

You Saved Me " - Foster The Podcast with Kristie Marie and Justin. 
Episode 171 of Foster the Podcast is up! On this week’s episode we interview a psychic! Candace Marie joins to talk about how she became a medium, predicted her grandfather’s death, and how she knew the man she was going to date before she ever met him. Also, Justin finds out something he didn’t want to know! 


" Karmic Roadmap " - Don't Waste Your Pretty Podcast with Rebecca Zahler 

Clairvoyant and intuitive tarot card reader Candace Marie from The House of Intuition joins me this week. We talk about everything from astrology, to woman's intuition, to crystals and how to have more transcendent sex with your lover.


"Let's Talk Tarot" - Modern Magic with The Radiant Goddess