Lunar Eclipse in Libra. The Final Chapter.

Since October of 2013, the Libra eclipses have highlighted various issues. However, the phrase that comes to mind is “boundaries within partnerships”. As we know, eclipses come in pairs setting off chain reactions of transformative energy. There is no coincidence that it takes two to tango in partnerships. The opposing eclipses have been happening simultaneously in the Zodiac sign of Aries. This is seen as the “I AM” energy versus Libra’s “WE ARE”. This is a huge finale in the topics of relationships of the romantic and professional kind. What lessons have you learned about asserting yourself, and standing up for whats in alignment with what YOU want?

The lessons of personal growth and respect for some of you have been grueling. Off and on relationships may come to a close after several year patterns. You may notice yourself breaking free of  restrictive professional partnerships. You may be finding you’re on the tail end of striving to have a better relationship with yourself. We’ve learned that without boundaries in our lives and healthy levels of assertion we are not honoring our true self.

The Sun in Aries appears to be conjunct with transiting mercury. Lunar eclipses are intense and emotional times. It’s not uncommon to be shown something that may not have been visible before. You may be blindsided with the reality of what some relationship dynamics are. This is an extremely combustable aspect, and reminds us we need to stop, and really process how we feel before being emotionally reactive. 

Saturn will be squaring transiting Jupiter in Virgo and having a conversation about bringing more structure and organization to your life. How can you take the next step, and level up responsibility wise? Issues of priorities come into play. In order to grow into what you need to become, you may need to evaluate what relationships in your life are limiting.

Stand up for yourself. Take pride in the work you’ve done. Don’t be afraid to walk away from those who don’t value the new and improved versions of you. You are worthy.