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Candace practices several different types of divination for her readings. Each type of reading can serve many different purposes. Please read below to gain some insight as to which you could benefit from.

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The clairvoyant reading process involves a communication with the true essence of your spirit in order to reveal information that will serve your highest good. In a clairvoyant reading, I rely on my clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities in order to obtain the information you need to make empowered decisions, clear away energetic blocks, and resolve any long-standing issues you wish to address.

30min - $80, 1hr – $150



Connect those those who are dearly departed. This reading is ideal for someone wishing to speak with a deceased love one on the spirit plane. This type of reading is especially helpful for comfort and healing as well as easing the pain of grief. It is requested upon scheduling, the persons full name whom you wish to contact, and their date of birth. Feel free to provide photos or personal items connected to your loved one who has passed on. 

30 min – $125; 1 hr – $195  




For all astrology consultations, clients must provide accurate: Date and time of birth, as well as exact location of birth. (Ex; City, State)
This information must be provided in advance at a minimum of 24 hours prior to appointment. A detailed astrological  report will be generated with this information.



The Personal reading is for a single individual looking for more insight into their archetypal make up.  The reading covers major transformations, blocks you may have and your inherent strengths you may use to help you prevail.  Current transits are also viewed to examine the influence of the Heavens on your present situation. – $200 (by appt) 


The Relationship chart includes the combination of you and your partner’s natal charts and examines the fundamental themes of your union.  Karmic indicators, repeated patterns, pitfalls and points of strength through unity are emphasized.  Current transits and the composite chart, which views the relationship as an entity are also included.  Please obtain permission from your partner before the reading if they are not going to be present.– $300 for couple (by appt) 


Healing services are a complement to traditional medical/psychiatric treatments, and NOT a replacement. Healing services are meant to address the spiritual causes of suffering and help you achieve wholeness in conjunction with whatever medical treatments your doctor has prescribed. For serious medical conditions or emergencies, please consult your physician.


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